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Common House Design Workshop

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Common House Design Workshop

Announcing a Common House Design Workshop led by Charles Durrett!

Design a home that supports your individual needs and preferences, while also being part of a collaborative community? Join us for our two-day where we will be designing the common house.

This Common House Workshop is simply the greatest community building experience of them all. It is where we learn up close and personal who we are, who we want to be, exactly who we are collectively from a cooperative point of view, what our common values really are, and our collective potential and how to best realize them. If we’re very focused, we will make thecommon facilities that do just that – actually reach our collective potential.

Imagine living in a 30 unit strata complex, thoughtfully designed to foster a sense of togetherness. Our spacious apartments feature all the comforts of traditional style living, including a kitchen, living room, dining room, and laundry facilities. However, what sets us apart is our ample shared spaces that serve as the heart of our community.

Experience the joy of shared dinners in our inviting common dining room, where residents gather to break bread and forge lifelong connections. Your kids will love the dedicated playroom, a place for them to explore, create, and make lasting friendships. And for those with a green thumb, our community gardens provide the perfect space to cultivate plants and share gardening tips.

At East Van Cohousing, we believe in the power of connection. Our shared spaces are designed to facilitate meaningful interactions, allowing residents to truly connect as a community. Whether it's engaging in lively conversations over meals, organizing events, or simply sharing a cup of coffee, you'll find endless opportunities to forge friendships and create memories.

The fee for the workshop is on a sliding scale from $600 to $1800, depending on your ability to pay. If you proceed with the project will count as double towards a future share purchase in the East Van Cohousing community. This workshop is an excellent opportunity to support the development of a new cohousing community and invest in your future home.

If you need child care, If you need childcard, write us as you may be able to collaborate with existing parents.

The common house (shared) facilities will be placed in this workshop, and in cohousing we measure success partly by the most people hours possible in the shared spaces.  These are spaces to live in, to be a community in, and to supplement your private apartment.  This can help the group in designing private spaces efficiently and more affordably.

To register, register above as well as etransfer to

Childcare is available at the workshop, please let us know if you would like to take us up on this service.

Lunch is provided.

It is recommended that you attend an "All About Cohousing" zoom call before this workshop, and read the project binder that includes the process that we are following for building our cohousing, and the decisions that we had made so far.

Great resources to prepare you for this workshop are the books "Cohousing Communities" by Charles Durrett and "My Hygge Home" by Meik Wiking.

We are building a custom multigenerational vibrant community, not brick by brick, but decision by decision.

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