Cohousing is your dream community

Discover the joy of homeownership and a sense of belonging at our newly established cohousing community in Renfrew Collingwood, conveniently located at 2728-2948 Duke Street, just a stone's throw away from the vibrant junction of 33rd and Kingsway. We plan to move in by the fall of 2026.

What sets us apart? You're not just buying a home; you're actively participating in creating it. We invite you to shape your dream living space through our community workshops taking place in June, July, and August. Collaborate, share your vision, and join hands with like-minded individuals to architect not just your home, but your entire lifestyle with a sense of purpose.

Find more information under the Events section, where you can explore more. Our community is proudly facilitated by the Amisto Cohousing Society, committed to fostering a harmonious living environment for all. Design your life, define your community, and embrace your future with us.

Cohousing is much more than another strata.

  • Cohousing is a warm, community-oriented living experience where you can actively participate in designing your own home.
  • Together, we weave a rich tapestry of an intentional community, including folks of all ages and backgrounds. It's diversity at its best!
  • Here, neighbours are more than just faces next door; they are friends and companions.
  • While our homes are competitively priced at market rates, the beauty of shared resources often means you'll find your living costs are lower than you'd expect.
  • Everyone finds a home here; we celebrate the youthful energy and respect the wisdom of the elders. Our community grows richer with every new addition!
  • Cohousing also offers an added layer of safety and security. With a community that truly knows and cares for each other, there's always someone to keep an eye out for you, your home, and your loved ones. 
  • We're reimagining village living for the 21st century, where the balance between privacy and community is just right.
  • Our shared common area is the heart of our community, hosting lively social gatherings, delightful community dinners, and lots of vibrant events.
  • With us, 'aging in place' takes on a new meaning as we offer a loving and supportive environment for all ages.
  • We believe in enhancing not just physical health, but mental and social health too, creating a life that's active, connected, and emotionally rich.
  • Where families thrive with a playroom, caring neighbours, and unparalleled freedom for children.

Contact Us For more information, please join a zoom info session or send an email to, and join our email list.

Charles’ most recent book “Cohousing Communities” is a must-read, available at Massy Books, People’s Co-op Bookstore, the Vancouver Public Library and SFU and UBC libraries, and on  

What do we mean by designing your home? By joining our community, we have three opportunities this summer to participate in the architecture and design of the building. Led by distinguished architect and affordable housing advocate Cohousing expert, Charles Durrett, you have c hence to design the common spaces, your individual unit and bring the side design all together. 

Design your home

Cohousing is more than just a living arrangement; it's a better way of life, filled with meaningful connections and shared joys. So, come be a part of our friendly neighbourhood! Learn more in our weekly About Cohousing Zoom meetings under the Events tab

Announcing our new site in East Van.

At 2728-2948 Duke in 2026 there will be a shiny new cohousing development.

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