A little place
of paradise

On April 7, 2023 our group made the first deposit on our site at 2948 Duke Street.

10 minutes walk to Skytrain, parks, shopping and schools.

Exact Location

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Immediate Area

Redevelopment Nearby

At the corner of Earles and Kingsway from the Purdy's building to the Skyway tower is going to be redeveloped to the development shown below. Check out their webiste to learn more. https://www.liveatframe.com/


  1. 12 minutes to 20th Avenue Skytrain Station
  2. 5 minutes to Norquay Elementary 
  3. 17 minutes to Windermere Secondary
  4. Close to Parks and Schools, walkable to the Skytrain amenities are at hand.
  5. 17 minutes to the Drive after a 12 minute walk and 5 minute skytrain ride.
  6. 10 minute walk to Shoppers Drugmart
  7. 2 minutes to Norquay Park

Cycle Options

Our aim is to make the early years of your child’s life as enjoyable, rewarding and positive as possible.

Across the Street

On the other side of the Street from the new development, the existing buildings and density will continue. These buildings are across the street from our site.

Existing Homes

These are the 4 homes that we will be redeveloping.